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About Shafco Dubai

Shafco Dubai- a brief introduction!

Shafco Dubai - Web Design DubaiShafco was established with a vision to empower small to medium businesses, equip business individuals with powerful business tools and help corporations accelerate the pace of progress. We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that makes us accessible to anyone around the globe. Either you are an individual – trying to establish your own business, small/medium company – striving for success in huge competition or a corporation – struggling to reduce costs and maximize profits, we have solutions for all you. Solutions that can bring you more success and more money with less efforts and less costs.

We deal in all major areas of business solutions and services. Our major services are Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce Solutions, SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, IT Solutions. Telecom Solutions, Security Systems, Environmental Monitors and Audio Visual Systems.

How we can help you

We have a simple goal – improve your business by reducing your costs and efforts. We achieve this goal by divining our customers in three segments and choosing the right strategy for each  segment.

Business Individuals: Most of the individuals are doing all the things manually. This involves lots of efforts causing less efficient and poor results. We pace up individuals by automating work flows, providing the right set of tools and training them to efficiently use the tools in result oriented way.

Small-Medium Businesses: This segment has to cope with lots of challenges like huge competition, less staff and more to do. If you are managing a small-medium business then you have come to the right place. We give you cost efficient tools and all the secretes to get the most out of those tools. This will make you perform better than your competitors and ultimately reduce costs and efforts.

Corporations: When a business performs well and grows rapidly then a stage comes where reducing costs becomes more important than increasing revenues. Large businesses need more efficient , smarter and intelligent tools that reduce the production cots, time and efforts. Shafco helps corporations to choose the best tools that can produce more results in minimum costs.

Our approach

We follow a systematic way to complete each project. Every project is divided into several steps and processes. In each step we keep strong communication with our clients to better understand their needs and meet them in full. Our ultimate goal in every project is to get the highest quality in the least cost for you. Here are some basic steps that we follow:

  •  Requirement gathering and analysis 
  •  Project planning and setting milestones 
  •  Coding and project development 
  •  Testing and debugging 
  • Customer feedback and finalization 
  •  Project deployment 

Our strength – Our Team

We have dedicated and hardworking teams of professionals in all departments of our company. Our critical success factor is our dedicated management and motivated employees. They are always committed to put their best efforts. Its them who make us more confident that we will give you the best value for your money.

Partners and Affiliates

To provide our customers with superior services, we have chosen our technology partners and affiliates that stand among the best service providers in the world. We have made these affiliations so that you can trust us for all of your technology needs. This saves you from managing lots of accounts from different service providers, coordinating with each separately and getting priority support. Choosing us as service provider for all of your technology needs will give you benefits like one channel to manage all of your technology needs, management of all your accounts in more efficient way and priority customer support. We  have major affiliations with:

  1. PDR Solutions FZC
  2. PRAC Web Host