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Environment Monitoring Systems

  • Advanced Environment monitoring systems
  • Multi device Environment monitoring systems
  • Environment monitoring system Data Center

Importance of Environment Monitoring System

Data is the most important asset of any organization. You may be in any business, but the importance of data is equally critical to every business. Data is stored in data centers. If you are using managed services then you might not have to worry but having an in house data center brings lots of worries. Along with security and surveillance of data center you also must keep an eye on environmental factors such as temperature,  humidity, smoke, power and energy etc.

Our installed environment monitoring systems give you complete coverage of all the environment factors 24/7. Whenever there is any change beyond the threshold values, it will trigger alarms, send email notifications and phone notifications.  So get our professional services and forget about worries.

Services and Features

  • ┬áMonitoring of temperature, humidity, power, water, movement, etc
  • Send alerts on exceeding threshold values
  • Alters via email and phone call